Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fyber Gaming?

  • We’re a LAN center / PC Bang / Gaming Cafe / eSports Venue located in Lansing, Michigan.

LAN Center, what’s that?

  • A LAN (Local Area Network) center is a place where gamers of all types can come and play together in person.

Why would I come here instead of at home?

  • The mission and purpose of Fyber is to build a community for gamers and create a positive social experience for everyone involved. We hope to eventually become both a casual gaming cafe while also giving eSports players a place to grow and get scouted by collegiate teams looking for talent.

Wait a second, collegiate teams?

  • Yes! I know, crazy right? There are several colleges throughout the state of Michigan that offer scholarships for eSports athletes to play games on a team! Anything from League of Legends to CS:GO, there’s free money for college waiting!

Why the name Fyber?

  • Fyber Gaming (instead of Fiber Gaming) comes from a mix of the words Fiber and Cyber. Thought it was kinda cool.

So I was wondering, you guys do birthday parties?

  • Birthday parties at Fyber Gaming are always a good time. Whether you’re 9 or 50, gaming is for people of all ages. Some of our more popular parties are Fortnite and Minecraft themed. We also do work outings, team building exercises, bachelor parties, any kind of event you can think of – we’re game!

High school eSports, you guys involved in that?

  • We absolutely are! Waverly currently comes the first week of every month to play their eSports matches. Eventually we hope to have a face-to-face league to help legitimize eSports to help parents understand what’s really going on.

I want to form a high school team, can you help?

  • We would love to help you get your school an eSports team. If you’re faculty or a student please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do to help you. For scheduled matches, we DO NOT charge students to play so the only major hurdle to overcome would be transportation.