One Booth

$ 7.50

Half Hour

Two Booths

$ 15

Half Hour

Our Setup


We have two 9 x 10 virtual reality booths that are each equipped with an Oculus Rift S. We chose the Rift S based upon ease of use and the fact that Oculus has been around long enough that the control scheme for the controllers doesn’t break in older games.

Each computer controlling the VR experience has an Intel i7-9700k processor with an RTX 2070 video card.

Some of the games we offer:

Arizona Sunshine

Beat Saber

The Climb

Robo Recall

Job Simulator

Space Pirate Trainer

Hellsplit Arena

Minecraft VR


Blade & Sorcery

And many more.

If there’s something you don’t see here feel free to ask and if we don’t have it, as long as we’re able to get it we’d be more than happy to.